Training & Mentoring

“When we know how our minds are wired, how our culture has shaped us, and that our personality is sometimes a strength or sometimes a burden, only then can we acknowledge how the people around us perceive us”

Today’s professionals need proven, engaging methods that will inspire, stimulate and improve retention. Using recognised methodologies, thoughtful strategies, and creative and innovative technology, Follow The Adventure can craft customised training and mentoring experiences that align with your corporate objectives.

Training & Mentoring

Follow the Adventure can support new and aspiring corporate professionals unleash the potential within themselves and others to help cultivate and lead high-performing teams. My areas of expertise include the following, and custom training programs can be tailored to focus on:

  • Cultural Management and Intercultural Relations
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • HR Business Partnering skills

To stay abreast with the rapidly evolving profession, bespoke Human Resources-specific mentoring packages are also available.