My Story

“Would you like to Follow the Adventure? To step out of your comfort zone and discover something new? About yourself. About others. About the world around us?”

My name is Mirjam Buitelaar. I was born in the Netherlands in 1977, and I love to connect with people. I have a genuine interest in their stories, and my compassionate nature is easily recognised, received, and returned. I am curious and open-minded to the world and the people around me. I care for people and am deeply motivated by supporting and helping them get the best out of themselves.

I pursued a career in Human Resources and for the past 20 years, I have worked in numerous Human Resources Leadership roles across many different industries and continents. I have led many International Management Teams through transformation and restructuring, and my scope spans from Europe to Russia and the CIS, Middle East, Africa, and China. My drive, knowledge, and cultural awareness have enabled me to drive a successful HR agenda amongst varied and complex environments.

As certified (e)Coach and intercultural trainer I coach and train clients who embark on an adventure abroad, whether they are expats and their relatives, international students or digital nomads. I help them to land in a new culture, to build a new life in a foreign environment, to deal with the typical challenges that come with a move abroad. I help my clients to transform limiting beliefs and negative emotions towards a positive, stimulating mindset that can break through any (invisible) barrier.

I met my husband, Hendrik Willem, in university, and we have been exploring the world and following our adventure ever since. We have backpacked across the globe, we lived for some years in Dubai, and in 2020 we moved to China to see what wonders awaited us there. Early in our travels, we decided to start our Follow the Adventure blog to document our experiences, share how we get the most out of life, broaden our horizons, open our hearts, and have fun! We feel that we can get the most out of life and ourselves if we are curious to learn, willing and open to explore, and eager to try.

Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves!


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