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“Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves!”

As a coach and trainer, I draw on 20 years of experience in various international HR leadership roles across different industries and regions, and, on my experience with various coaching programs and personality assessments. This is why I design all development journeys with four Development Principles in mind. 

Mental Fitness Bootcamp for Personal and Team Development

Mental Fitness Bootcamp is a transformational 6-week program based on scientific research done by Positive Intelligence®. It is designed to strengthen three core mental muscles and it helps to build healthy and sustainable habits to thrive in challenging times.

Mental Fitness Bootcamp increases your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset. It improves performance and relationships with self and others, significantly reduces stress, anxiety, and self-doubt while increasing well-being and happiness.

The 6-week transformational program is delivered entirely online, and is app guided with daily mental fitness exercises and video content released weekly. It includes Shirzad Chamine’s award-winning book Positive Intelligence, an online Saboteur Assessment, and can be offered in combination with a Leadership Coaching Journey. Download the Mental Fitness Bootcamp for individuals here.

Mental Fitness Bootcamp for your Leadership Team

Use Mental Fitness Bootcamp as a Team Development program to improve your team’s performance and well-being. Building on the triple purpose of Self, Team, and Organisation, Mental Fitness Bootcamp significantly impacts team dynamics and energy, resulting in deepened trust, healthy conflict, and strengthened mutual accountability.

Interested? Please take the free online Saboteur Assessment here and book a free coaching session to review your results.




Personality assessments are useful tools in any personal or Leadership Development program. They help us to gain insights in our own preferred behavior and how this can relate to and resonate with our colleagues and team members.
Only when we fully understand ourselves and our inner drivers, can we successfully work and collaborate with others.
Tools I often use are Facet5 individual and team assessments, 360 assessment, Communication Skill assessments, Saboteur Assessment and various Cultural assessments.


I offer a choice for those clients who prefer a fully online approach that can support their needs, circumstances, and preferences, regardless of geographic locations and time zones. @Coaching allows consultations wherever you feel most at ease –on your couch, your office, or in your favourite café.

Follow the Adventure’s @Coaching technique accommodates any schedule by delivering written coaching on a secure, protected platform, with unlimited opportunities and time for contemplation and reflection. Different cognitive and emotional processes come into play through writing, which contrast to direct verbal coaching. These benefit clients with steady, dynamic, and non-threatening interactions on-demand, all while maintaining social anonymity.

Without compromising any of the benefits, @Coaching provides an innovative, time-efficient, and scientifically based solution that makes personal and professional coaching considerably more accessible to individuals or organisations.

Got curious about this new coaching approach? Read my blog about  @Coaching here!

Application Workshops

Tailor-made Training & Workshops

Follow the Adventure provides various training programs for talent and leadership development journeys. These programs are customised to reflect the challenges of your day-to-day business and to help you build new skills to handle these. My training approach focuses on pragmatic, experience-based learning, providing ample opportunity for practice and to learn from business simulations.

✔️Cultural Management and Intercultural Relations
✔️Communication Skills
✔️Interpersonal Skills
✔️Leadership Skills

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