Development & Mentoring

“Grow from where you are to where you want to be"

Training can be a great way to complement a development journey for talent or aspiring Leaders. Follow the Adventure beliefs very much in learning by doing, so training programs are offered in combination with a total development package.

Personal and Leadership Development

Follow the Adventure provides various Training programs for Talent and Leadership Development journeys. These programs are tailor made to reflect the challenges of your day-to-day business and help you build new skills to handle these. In my training approach I focus on pragmatic, experience-based learning, providing ample opportunity to practice and learn from business simulations.

* Cultural Management and Intercultural Relations
* Communication Skills
* Self Management
* Interpersonal Skills
* Leadership Skills
* HR Business Partnering skills

Human Resources Mentoring

Human Resources is a fascinating department in most organisations. HR Leaders and Professionals are expected to drive continuous business change and at the same time keep motivation and engagement at an all-time high level. They are expected to act as a Strategic Business Partner, while at the same time they need to support basic development needs of management members. It can be daunting! 

For young and aspiring HR Leaders, Follow the Adventure offers various mentoring packages to help HR professionals balance the complex and at times conflicting needs of the business and its valuable workforce.

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