“When we know how our minds are wired, how our culture has shaped us, and that our personality is sometimes a strength and sometimes a burden, only then can we acknowledge how the people around us perceive us”

Whether you are a successful leader or seen as a potential talent in your organisation, at one time or another,everyone is faced with challenges in their careers or personal lives. The qualities and competencies that once brought success, might no longer serve you under all circumstances.
Follow the Adventure takes you on a journey within yourself. We explore what is currently present, all the hidden attributes within you that might not have been discovered yet. While partnering together we overcome barriers and transform limiting beliefs in achievable opportunities, allowing you to discover and unleash your true self.

With coaching available by in-person, video call, or via @Coaching, I offer several coaching journeys to guide you through the complexities and nuances of any challenges you face and support you and your team in achieving peak performance. 

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Coaching Journey's

In the EXPLORE journey we use three coaching sessions to uncover the basics. You explore your key areas of strength, what you want to develop further, and how your inner belief system is helping or hindering you.

TRANSFORM takes you further within yourself. From doing we advance into being. In eight coaching sessions we strive to uncover your subconscious thought patterns and to discover how you can transform these. New horizons can emerge and ignite a renewed passion and belief in yourself.

SUSTAIN is the ultimate expedition to find your purpose, to find what makes you happy. We use twelve coaching sessions to explore and discover your strengths and inner drive. Our journey aims to uncover limiting beliefs and thought patterns and any other barriers that might be getting in your way.  We seek to develop new habits and insights in how to work your way around these.  With SUSTAIN you endeavor to unleash your full potential and grow from where you are, to where you want to be.

Depending on your personal needs and desires, all coaching journeys are complemented with a personality assessment or participation in the PQ Bootcamp program and can be done individually or as part of a Leadership Team Development program.

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