“Only when we fully understand ourselves can we truly understand others”

Follow the Adventure would like to take you on a journey within yourself, where we can explore what is currently present, all the hidden attributes, like precious gems deep within that you that might not have been realized as of yet. If you are willing to explore, let Follow the Adventure accompany you. To guide you. And to help you Follow your Adventure.

With coaching delivery available by in-person, video call, or via eCoaching, Follow the Adventure can help guide you through the complexities and nuances of your specific corporate climate.


I offer a choice for those clients who prefer a fully online approach that can support their needs, circumstances, and preferences. Regardless of geographic locations and time zones, eCoaching allows consultations wherever you feel most at ease –on your couch, your office, or your favourite café.

Follow the Adventure’s eCoaching technique accommodates any schedule by delivering written coaching on a secure, protected platform, with unlimited opportunities and time for contemplation and reflection. Different cognitive and emotional processes come into play through writing, which contrast to direct verbal coaching. These benefits clients with steady, dynamic, and non-threatening interactions’ on-demand,’ all while maintaining social anonymity.

Without compromising any of the benefits, eCoaching provides an innovative, time-efficient, and scientifically based solution that makes personal and professional coaching considerably more accessible to individuals or organisations.

Intercultural Coaching

Today, we are living and working in an increasingly multicultural world. With corporate relocations and the advent of Digital Nomads, we need to possess the confidence to blend within global business and local environments. Intercultural Coaching focuses on helping clients feel confident in their day-to-day dealings or any cultural challenges faced while on assignment, studying, or traveling.

Whether you are managing a global team overseas, ensuring an expat’s spouse or partner ability to navigate their new surroundings, or about to become a student abroad, Intercultural Coaching through Follow the Adventure can help break down cultural barriers so you can enjoy every minute that you’re outside your comfort zone.

Leadership Coaching

All successful people at one time or another are faced with challenges in their careers or personal lives. The character and competencies that once brought them success might no longer serve them under all circumstances. Whether it’s a new promotion or a professional setback, Follow the Adventure can assist with cultivating your vision of a rich and meaningful future.

Follow the Adventure can help leaders transform their mindset whilst targeting, improving, and expanding their objectives. I draw on my in-depth experience to help leaders flourish personally and professionally by identifying areas for improvement, leveraging their strengths, and helping them lead more effectively.

Collaboratively, I help HR Business Partners and leaders achieve
solid outcomes, enhanced work performance, tangible business results, and a healthier work and life balance.

Connect with me and let's explore!