The labyrinth episode

February 29 2020 - Exploring different Cultures, Travel and enjoying the free life

The first country on our route immediately seems to be the biggest hurdle: Iran. While earlier this year we were a little concerned with the political situation over there, now it’s just a matter of: once you are in, you can very likely not get out. Nor are you welcome in other countries. So with that being the status quo today, Iran would be off the table. But…we are in a constant changing labyrinth. The situation could be very different in 2 weeks from now.

The other countries on our planned route so far seem not to be impacted. Yet. Central Asia is at this moment still a white dot on the world map, where this virus has not spread much. Yet. But again we are in a constant changing labyrinth and in a few days or weeks this could be totally different.

So, how do we plan for this? Well, there are really 2 simple answers to that:
1: Stock up on hand sanitizers and disinfectant soap
2: Don’t plan ahead and go with the flow…but be sure to have some alternatives

So we have started to consider some alternatives, for instance to avoid Iran. But again, what seems possible today, might not work tomorrow. So there is no use yet to decide on the alternatives. Which means that at this moment there is not much more to do than just sit and wait what will come. Our positive mindset tells us: better that it happens now, by April it might be much improved. But of course the negative thoughts also slip in now and then. What if… what if we cannot leave? What if more countries on our way get impacted? What if this region becomes so badly impacted that we are banned from many countries ourselves?

A big part of the fun of travel actually takes place before the trip even starts. Reading ahead about the journey to come, dream away with gorgeous pictures from other travelers, trying out the new equipment on our car… it’s all part of the fun. And it’s hard not to let that be impacted by this virus. Especially when the panic about the virus seems to spread faster and more vigorous than the virus itself! So while we try to keep an eye on the news to stay current with the latest Corona updates…. we also try to ban Corona from the dining table… well, that is the virus Corona!

So there you go.

Our cliffhanger close towards the end of season 1! Will they be able to find their way home through the Corona labyrinth? Stay tuned!