The Expat Interview

November 13 2022 - Living the expat life, Exploring different Cultures

We have been in Mostar a little over 3 months now. A bit too short perhaps to provide deeper insights about the city, it’s people and their culture.

But the first settling impressions are captured very nicely by Sanne Wesselman in a recent interview she did with me about living the expat life in Mostar.

Sanne is, what is called these days, a Digital Nomad. She combines travel and remote work, which allows her to explore the world while working at the same time. Her explorations recently took her to Mostar, where we met over a cup of coffee – as we all tend to do in Mostar!

Visiting so many places and countries, Sanne started writing about the lives of expats in these areas and is publishing these in an ongoing series of interview on her website: https://www.spendlifetraveling.com

Our coffee together resulted in an interview about living in Mostar. You can read the full article here and get to know all about how we are settling in Mostar!