When the travel section of the biggest bookstore in Utrecht, the Netherlands, does not have a single travel guide about the country you are about the relocate to, it makes you wonder whether you are about to go to an unknown destination…. Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A little over 2 months ago we managed to make our escape from Alcatraz. Leaving China was a stressful event, especially when our flight got cancelled and a simple thing as getting a car to the airport seemed to become quite an ordeal. But we managed! And while European airports are facing major chaos issues at their airports, for various reasons, Pudong Airport, once one of the busiest airports in the world, turned out to be completely deserted.  


Coming back home after the crazy months in China was confusing. We felt relieved and thrilled to see our family and friends again. But we also felt a little lost and sad for the friends we left behind in the madness of lockdowns, daily NAT tests and ever confusing covid restrictions.
But while we continued to work from our mobile home office for a few more weeks, we started to get used to being back home. We slowly relaxed and re-energized.
Finally making our long-overdue way up to Roskilde festival in Denmark, meeting friends from Dubai, catching up with family and friends back home all helped to get ready for our next adventure.


And so here we are! In our new home in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A very warm welcome awaited us, both in temperatures and in greetings and introductions from Hendrik’s colleagues. The first days we have been busy exploring the our new home town; narrow little streets winding up and down, leading us to the Old Town and the famous Mostar Bridge, which is both beautifully restored and probably the most slippery bridge we ever crossed. We make our way through endless cobbled streets with coffee bars, restaurants and touristy shops, crossing the river to the other side of town where Hendrik’s school is located. And of course, a trip to the supermarket is part of the first days itinerary; the usual “get your house equipped with all the basics” shopping spree that we have also experienced in our previous moves.

The apartment is wonderful, spacious and with an amazing view, again! Every morning and evening we sit on our balcony, overlooking the city and the mountains in the distance and slowly we are getting used to the idea: this is not a holiday – this is home.

And who needs a tourist guide to find their way home?