In our last blog I wrote how uncomfortable it can be not to know where you are taken to for quarantine. It made me almost wish that we could simply return to the same room from last year, for the simple reason that at least I would know what to expect. I am glad we didn’t.

Many things are still the same: we are in separated rooms, we cannot leave the room, we cannot choose what or when we eat, food just gets delivered to the table stand outside and the wifi is terrible. But some important things are significantly better. For starters, we have a room with an actual view this time. Instead of staring right into our opposite neighbour rooms like last year, we are now on the 17th floor overlooking the city, some distant hills and Hendrik Willem even got a room with sea-view!
Besides that, the rooms are much more spacious, making it actually possible to go for a little walk (or run) back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Instead of banging on the door while shouting “food is here”, they very politely ring the doorbell. Blissful. And…we are opposite neighbours this time! So we can actually say “hello” when we pick up our food from the table outside. And to answer any questions that might come up in this regard: no, we are not allowed to talk, have a coffee in the doorway, cuddle or any other form of interaction. Which makes it at times even more frustrating, especially when the wifi fails again; so close and yet…so far away!

But all in all we are doing ok and have settled in by now. The fact that we have been living in China for a while makes it also easier; we understand better how things work and we can actually order some simple groceries from the next door supermarket.

Another big difference compared to last year is how we spend our days. Last year, Hendrik Willem was already at work and I got quickly into a quite disciplined routine which also included some work and education. This time, we are taking it more as an extended holiday; we read, watch a film, do some workout, or play computer games. And from time to time I just look out of the window and oversee the bustle of the city beneath me….glad I get to do that this time! Tonight we will try something new: synchronous film watching on our downloaded Netflix account, The Hobbit. That should keep us busy for a while.

And so the days quietly go by, one by one.

Take care y’all!