Save the date

September 02 2020 - Travel and enjoying the free life, Living the expat life

While I am not superstitious I am somewhat in doubt if I should write this post or not.

For sure, our friends are all eager to hear any update about our upcoming move to China…
On the other hand…. nothing is sure and everything can (and probably will) change again.
And we certainly don’t want to tempt faith by cheering too soon, as they say “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings”.

Then again…we can use all the best wishes, prayers and supporting thoughts we can get. So let’s do it. But be aware, this post is bound for updates and revisions 🙂

What we do have: a ticket and thus a leaving date! And it’s rather soon… On September 13 we are scheduled to fly out to China, with destination Nanjing (not far from Changshu).

What we don’t have (yet): A stamped entry visa, a negative Covid test and a bunch of other formalities with stamps and seals. But that should all be in process now and we hope to get this arranged within the coming days.
One might ask: why did you already buy a ticket if you don’t have the visa yet? The answer is that we need one to get an appointment with the embassy. So we try to look at it as a sign of good faith…

This whole episode has been a test of our resilience and flexibility skills. So far we passed the bar I guess. But we are not there yet, far from! If…., if we manage to fly to China indeed on the 13th, we still await solitary quarantine for 14 days in a government facility. Once we survive that without losing too much of our sanity, we can make our way to the UWC Campus and finally meet our new friends!

So keep the fingers crossed for us and we will keep y'all posted!

Ps: quick, regular updates will be posted on our Instagram/Facebook account #followtheadventure.info