Released! From quarantine into isolation

July 31 2021 - Living the expat life, Exploring different Cultures

The two weeks hotel based quarantine have finally come to an end. Today we were released and are now on our way to our apartment in Changshu. Here we have to go for another 14 days into home based isolation. Which basically means that we are not allowed to go anywhere, except for essentials. Which is a broad interpretation, but basically we should stay away from other people. So that limits our movement to the surrounding of our apartment and perhaps a walk outside. Which is sooooo much more than what we could do in the previous 2 weeks.

It’s interesting to see what happens to your mind when life is shrunken to the size of a hotel room. Since you are not in control at all, daily life is suddenly stripped from concerns about work, health, what to eat, what to wear, social interactions or how to plan all of your 1001 to do’s in your day. Life actually becomes pretty simple, especially when you allow yourself to get into a certain flow of simple things to keep you busy. I cannot remember I ever allowed myself to spend so much time to just read a book, listen to music, do yoga, watch a movie, Skype with a friend. In all it’s simplicity it actually becomes quite mindful…

But enough with all the mindfulness, as there is also another side. The total lack of control about what you eat, where you can go and who can you socialise with is something we both got quite fed up with after 2 weeks. So yes, it’s been enough. We have had the pleasure to experience this twice now, and yes you do get “better” at it somehow. But at this moment I have no ambition to reach expert level.

The coming 2 weeks we will have the pleasure to at least be in the comfort of our own home, eat our own food and perhaps be able to chat with some people at a safe distance. Right now, that feels like something to look forward to!

Take care y’all!