Quarantine in China: Day #11, #12 & #13

September 26 2020 - Living the expat life, Exploring different Cultures


  • We are really getting bored with the view
  • I would really like to sit on a normal chair for a change
  • HW is running out of series to watch
  • I am running out of toilet paper – again!
  • My feet are getting spoiled little brads who only make a few steps a day
  • My eyes are starting to adjust to mol life
  • The stomach is developing an intolerance for rice
  • I am running out of conversations to have with myself
  • We are running out of (Skype) conversations to have with each other
  • HW is running out of coffee
  • Dancing the Macarena on your own just isn’t as much fun
  • My Facebook account is sending me emails that it misses me, but I cannot access it
  • I have almost finished the second last season of How I Met Your Mother and I do not have the final season with me and really want to know How He Met Their Bloody Mother
  • I fear my body will have zero-tolerance for alcohol by now
  • Hugging the laptop during our skype sessions just doesn’t come close to a real hug
  • Not being able to determine what you eat and when you eat is just getting annoying
  • It’s just not right to be changing your own bedlinnen in a HOTELROOM
  • Did I already say we got tired of the view? (sorry neighbour!)
  • We want to be able to smell fresh air and feel the sun
  • We want to drink a decent coffee/cappuccino instead of instant
  • We already made online friends on campus and they are so sweetly delivering beer, coffee, tea and groceries to our apartment….we cannot wait to finally meet them!
  • We want to have a life again!

There you go, a list of perfectly valid reason why we are ready to leave. And there are many more where that came from. Why do the last days go by soooo slow? We just got tested this morning so keep the fingers crossed the results come back negative. Counting the hours, hanging in there…

See y'all!

That's a first...changing hotel bedlinnen!