Quarantine in China day #06 & #07

September 20 2020 - Living the expat life, Exploring different Cultures

Half way!

Yes! We past the first week! One more week left in solitary quarantine in a Chinese hotel room… It better be a once-in-a-lifetime-experience!

It’s getting boring, but we are still doing reasonably ok. And we even felt a bit like having a weekend. Well, especially Hendrik Willem, as he could take a break from work and take time to relax and watch a film. And isn’t that what we all want in a weekend?
I used my weekend for one of my usual household chores: laundry! Good old-fashioned camping style laundry by hand.

D.I.Y standing desk


I also picked up on something that got a bit neglected these recent months (ok years): sorting photo’s and getting them into an album. So I travelled back on my laptop to 2017, the year in which we had a wonderful holiday in Iran, Hendrik Willem flew a Fighter Jet in Germany and where we received many, many friends and relatives in Dubai. It’s actually a good way to keep busy while locked up in here, as it takes me back to the great moments we had. Which reassures me that such moments will be back before we know it.

And for the first time in a week I actually had some sort of real human contact! There are many, many downsides of having another room within 2 meters opposite of your window. But the up-side is that this room is occupied by another human being. So while I was reading the paper next to my slightly opened window, I suddenly heard this heavy German accent: Haalloo neeghboor, how are you doing? And so I ended up having a very nice chat with my neighbor, Todo, who is here for a short term assignment in Beijing.

So jawohl ja, we are entering the second half of our time in here. I hope it goes as smooth as the first half. At least we can eat our comfort food now without the fear of finishing it all too soon!

See y'all!