Quarantine in China Day#01 (14/09)

September 15 2020 - Living the expat life, Exploring different Cultures

A Room with a View

After a so called uneventful trip we arrived yesterday morning in Nanjing, China. The airport was empty apart from our arrival and the process of getting documents cleared out, getting tested and getting through immigration and customs was bureaucratic but all in all pretty smooth. There was no escaping from the airport staff (police, medical, immigration) who were all hard to recognize as they were completely dressed in white protection overalls and face covers. They ushered us in the right direction, straight into the bus to take us to our hotel…

The hotel we are in is called Huazhu-Jihotel, at least we think so as that is the name of the network. We frankly have no idea where we are exactly, and considering we cannot go anywhere it does not really matter…

The room is like any other normal hotel room in the league of Ibis and Holiday Inn probably, quite decent. But the view gave me a bit of a mental breakdown to be honest. Being locked up in a hotel room on your own is hard enough as it is. Being locked up in a hotel room on my own with a blind wall across my window and no clear sight of daylight did make me burst out in tears.

But a good night sleep, and with great (remote )support from Hendrik Willem and my sister I managed to get a grip on myself again. It’s good to realize a few things to stay a bit optimistic, such as that we are here by our own “free” will and that life can be much, much worse than this.
The videos’ below will give a good impression of the room I am in (Mirjam).



So what’s next? Well, Hendrik Willem will be working most of the days and we try to have breakfast, lunch and dinner over skype together.
I am killing my time with workouts, video’s, reading and a bit of work here and there. The coming days I will give you a regular (if not daily) update on our wellbeing and activities.

Do you want to get in contact? Please note that our wifi is seriously slow and all social media is difficult or impossible to get onto. So in principle not much activities on Facebook or Instagram, although I hope the blog will still be posted automatically on our Facebook page, Followtheadventure.info. But you will not see us on Instagram the coming weeks. Whatsapp works now and then but with a delay and messages only. Skype works very fine to (video)call and send messages and photo’s etc, so you can use it as alternative Whatsapp. And of course you can email us.

So we will just “hang in here” and with warm and encouraging support from you, we hope to stay safe and sane!

Now keep the fingers crossed I can get this blog uploaded with the video’s..