My Pendulum Swing

April 15 2022 - Living the expat life, Serious Business

My Pendulum Swing

As a young kid I was truly fascinated by a pendulum with 7 balls hanging in a row side by side. Letting them tick-tock against each other endlessly: the incoming one would push the outgoing one and it would go on and on forever. Like incoming and outgoing energy. 
Well, until I got it all tangled up in a knot and ruined it. The pendulum swing got stuck and I felt pretty bad about it – mostly because it was not mine!

Recently I got to think that perhaps my inner Pendulum got stuck too. 
I see one ball as incoming energy, for instance coming from spending time with my family and friends, signing up a new client, going out for a burger and beer, achieving something with a team or go for a long hike in nature. And I see the other ball as things that cost energy and need a bit of a “push” to get done. Like….well, most things in China at the moment. 
And since we have been under various levels of lockdown since February 14, not much is happening, and my incoming ball has lost its swing and is hanging still. And without having the incoming ball swinging in, the outgoing ball will not move either. It feels as if my pendulum has come to a standstill.
Well, I guess that is still preferred over having it all tangled up…

But I see an incoming swing dawning on the horizon! At 8.579 kilometers away to be exact. 
With Hendrik Willem being offered the position of Director of Studies at United World College in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina, another adventure is heading our way. An adventure that promises a closer proximity to family and friends, that enables me to travel again and meet clients in person, that promises ample opportunity for burgers and beer and plenty of hikes in nature.
The thought of getting out of this “standstill” is enough to get my pendulum move just a notch. And that’s all a pendulum needs to start swinging again. Tick-tock in and out, out and in. With new energy waving in to give that little “push” we all need.

Now I just hope I don’t get it all tangled up again.