Four seasons in 2020

January 09 2020 - Travel and enjoying the free life, Exploring different Cultures

It’s not too often that a year seems almost laid out ahead of you, from one season to another. It’s like being in a Netflix series; you know it will exist of at least 4 seasons and even though you can sneak preview ahead a little bit, you have no idea what is going to come – really. This is how we feel at the start of 2020. And here is the sneak preview…

Season 1: here we will see how Hendrik Willem is continuing his work at JBS school in Dubai, while Mirjam is enjoying a period of well deserved time off after her job has come to an end. But while HW is the steadfast and steady engine of the two, Mirjam represents the emotional rollercoaster in person. So just imagine how these two are going to cope with the planning of the move to China (Visa – Shipment), the road trip planning (multiple visa’s, installing equipment on car, car alterations, insurance, export out of Dubai, import into The Netherlands) and on top of that the move out of Dubai; what goes to China, what goes to The Netherlands and how can we best get rid of the rest of all our stuff??! It’s going to be a hectic one!

Season 2: this is where the real fun begins! With their sturdy FJ Cruiser packed, Mirjam and HW are ready to take off on their road adventure through Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and the Baltic’s. But there are a few cliffhangers that we can already see ahead – just follow the news with a certain mr. T and some other regional troublemakers and you just know…will they be able to stick to their plans??

Season 3: in this season we will follow the couple while they try to find their ground in China. Being in a smaller town such as Changshu you can expect enough hilarious moments when trying to call a taxi, finding the way in the supermarket or the yearly visit to the dentist. But this will also be the season where we expect emotions to run high at times! Getting out of their comfortable world, how will they handle?

Season 4: will season 4 give us a big finale? Or will they settle and live happily ever after, all well ends well? Or will they have an unexpected cliffhanger up their sleeves that keeps us desperate for the follow up series in 2021??

Stay tuned and let the fun begin.