FollowtheAdventure is live!

September 05 2021 - Living the expat life, Serious Business

The new FollowtheAdventure website is live!

There is a Dutch song called “I dance, so I exist”. Today I feel more like “I have a website, so I exist”

Whenever I talk to people about what I do, they ask me: “Do you have a site where I can find more information?” And while I wanted to say “ YES! Go to www.FollowtheAdventure.info, I found myself saying  saying “yes but it is being revised at the moment, right now it’s a travel blog”. Which is still a great website to have, but not very informative for the potential customer.

So here we finally go: YES! Go to www.FollowtheAdventure.info and check it out for yourself.

With the support of a great professional team, existing of Tolga Goksin (Tiron Graphics) and Lili Levesque (Write UAE ) and Anita Helsdingen (Niet Ontwerp) I have now a good looking logo and my website transformed from a travel blog to a Business & Blog website. The new website talks about my story, what I stand for and what services I offer. It’s a little personal journey through my own travels and adventures, both in text as in picture.

Share it, like it, click it and spread the word: Follow the Adventure is open for business!

(yes yes, the journey around the roadblock I described in my last blog is on its way)

I hope to see you all there!