Celebration time!

August 19 2022 - Serious Business, Living the expat life


Celebrating my successes and accomplishments is something I find difficult to do. Why? I guess there is a fear somewhere of being seen as bragging about it. Or maybe I just do not think it is that much of a big deal… But acknowledging your own successes is important; it's acknowledgement of yourself. And why would you deny yourself the acknowledgement of the one most important person in your life?!

So here we go. I am super happy, and yes, proud, that I got my certification as a Positive Intelligence coach (CPQC)! Ever since I started with Positive Intelligence® it has done a lot for me personally and as a coach.

Positive Intelligence is a mental fitness program. It is designed to overcome challenges with a positive mindset rather than a negative mindset. While there is nothing wrong with negative emotions from time to time, we don’t want to get stuck in it. Eventually, whatever the challenge is, most of us will want to move on again. Even though that seems almost impossible.

And this is where Positive Intelligence® has been instrumental for me personally. When I started working as a coach from China, being remote and at times quite alone in my little home office, it helped me to stay optimistic and to be kind to myself whenever I felt stuck. When we were faced with months of continuous lockdown, it helped me to stay positive and make the best of it for myself and others. And now, while I am settling again in a new country it helps me to anticipate the feelings of self-doubt I know I will have sooner or later, and catch myself before going down the rabbit hole.

As a coach it has been a great tool for me in my practice. Every so often self-doubt, judgements and negative beliefs are at the core of what is keeping us from feeling confident, balanced, and happy. As a Positive Intelligence coach, I help accelerate my clients’ insights in and awareness of the existence of these negative thoughts. Together we design simple tools and practices to tackle these, so they feel overall more whole and in charge of their lives.
And ready to celebrate their successes!

Do you want to celebrate with me and learn more about my Positive Intelligence coaching?
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Also check out the information on my website or read my earlier blog on this topic.