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September 09 2021 - Serious Business


The world is changing. Our clients are changing. Technology is developing faster than we can adapt, and with it, a new generation of coaching clients is emerging. A generation that is used to completing everything online. A generation that lives and breathes the following mantra: need – order – get.  A flexible workforce who likes to combine work and private life in any place, anywhere, at any time.

Along with this, it’s time to reinvent coaching. It’s time to adapt our coaching style and technique to fit this new world by addressing the needs of the young and restless, the digital nomads that roam the planet, and the ever fading, no-longer-strict boundaries between office hours and private life.

It’s time for e-Coaching.

Access the e-Coaching Course Brochure here for more information about the next e-Coaching Practitioner Certification course starting on September 22, 2021. You can sign up for only the 1st module if you want to get a in depth introduction to the concept of coaching by email. 

Want more? Sign up for the 3 modules and the Certification module and become an e-Coach Practitioner yourself. 

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