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Early in our travels, we decided to start our Follow the Adventure blog to document our experiences, share how we get the most out of life, broaden our horizons, open our hearts, and have fun!

Self Coaching: Hiking with Oma

September 08 2023

“In life you walk your own path at your own pace”. What do my grandma, hiking and self-coaching have to do with each other?

Leaving home, coming home

June 20 2023

Some say the charm of holiday is in coming back home. Think about it: what’s a holiday without a home to get back to?

East and West of the River Neretva

May 30 2023

There is probably never a good time to write about the war that took place here during 1992 and 1995. But as a foreigner who is observing life here, it’s also hard to ignore and not write about it.

All Seasons

February 17 2023

We know it takes at least 4 seasons to really “get to know” your new environment. And while it already seems much longer, we have only been in Mostar for 6 months now. So, what do we really know?

Flying home for Christmas

January 06 2023

“Driving home for Christmas” sings Chris Rea warmly every year on the Christmas playlist. I always had a hard time to relate to the song: ever since we live abroad I have been flying home for...

Who wants to be my friend?

October 14 2022

How to settle and build friendships in new places... With Bosnia & Hercegovina being the third country we moved to, we notice we kind of “know the drill” by now. Here are 5 tips that work well for us!

The adventure continues

August 06 2022

When the travel section of the biggest bookstore in Utrecht, the Netherlands, does not have a single travel guide about the country you are about the relocate to, it makes you wonder...

Happy New Year or Happy Mid Year?

January 03 2022

Living with a teacher for over 25 years, I know that teachers tend to think different when it comes to the concept of a “year”.


November 18 2021

Distance is relative. Even though the 8.798 km’s between Changshu and Utrecht never change, some days the distance feels bigger than other days.

Up, up, up the stairs we go!

October 23 2021

During the recent Golden Week break we learned again a few important lessons about life in China.

The things we do for coffee

September 29 2021

It's funny how we often feel a bit lost and overwhelmed when we travel in China, not being able to read any sign or ask. And how every single time this happens someone just goes a long way to help us.

Half Way!

July 25 2021

They say that time flies when you are having fun. Well, I can’t say time is flying right now exactly, but little by little it did pass and here we are: 7 day’s done, 7 day’s to go.

Seaview please…

July 20 2021

n our last blog I wrote how uncomfortable it can be not to know where you are taken to for quarantine. It made me almost wish that we could simply return to the same room from last year..

Destination unknown

July 18 2021

I’m writing this blog while flying somewhere above Ulan Bator, Mongolia. After 4 wonderful weeks in the Netherlands, where we submerged ourselves in the warm and loving embraces of our friends...

Happy New Year…“Pffjss”

January 01 2021

At the end of 2020, how I would love to be able to say: “The End”. “The End” to a year unlike any other. “The End” to a global pandemic which is still impacting so many lives today.

Save the date

September 02 2020

While I am not superstitious I am somewhat in doubt if I should write this post or not. For sure, our friends are all eager to hear any update about our upcoming move to China…

Living the Slow Life

August 12 2020

It’s been a while! Reason being that there is not so much exciting to report. We wanted to follow the adventure and ended up living the slow life.

Life has a funny way

July 06 2020

Sometimes life has a funny way to throw you something interesting. Something totally unexpected. Something you never even thought about. Something that makes you smile like a little boy or girl..


June 02 2020

Every now and then a thought pops into my head. It happens at those moments when I feel down and troubled. When I am tired of the nothingness and insecurity of our situation.

The Reflection Episode

May 12 2020

If this had indeed been a Netflix series we would have lost many viewers after the climax of season 1. For the simple reason that season 2 is horribly boring so far. We are indulging in nothingness..

Winding down Episode

April 11 2020

A little over 1 week ago we left Dubai in a whirlwind of stress, anxiety and insecurity. It was not a farewell we anticipated, but many people have found themselves in similar situations recently.

Leaving Dubai Episode

April 01 2020

In the Old World we would drive to Sharjah tomorrow, to catch the ferry to Iran and drive our way home from there with our FJ. In the Old World our last days in Dubai would have been filled...

The Corona Episode

March 27 2020

How else can we name an update that is controlled by the one thing that keeps the whole world in a firm grip right now?? Corona. Once a lovely light beer, now the invisible enemy that got the world...

The labyrinth episode

February 29 2020

Since recently it feels we find ourselves in a constant changing labyrinth. A Corona Virus Labyrinth to be clear.

The Consul episode

February 15 2020

When she entered his office she looked a bit tense, chattering away at his assistent who had let her in. He was the Consul, he knew had that effect on people.

A time to learn

February 09 2020

Who would have thought that preparing for a road trip is actually one big learning experience? And yes, a frustrating one at times.

Four seasons in 2020

January 09 2020

It’s not too often that a year seems almost laid out ahead of you, from one season to another. It’s like being in a Netflix series; you know it will exist of at least 4 seasons...